Time to Winter Proof Your Home

Winter can be a testing time for our homes and as the mercury continues to drop, now is the perfect time to take a few small actions to make sure you make it through to spring!


Water can be a home’s worst nightmare and let’s face it; we’ve created an entire product range to protect homes from water damage.

In addition, to the installation of a Surestop stopcock which gives greater control over water supply, either by the flick of a switch or a swipe on our bespoke app, it’s really important to check other areas of your home.

Make sure boilers that are fitted in garages have frost thermostats fitted so when it freezes, your boiler doesn’t. Similarly, any external pipes need to be protected with appropriate lagging so that they don’t burst.

There are still some  leaves to come from the trees but you may find that many have already found their way into the gutters and drainage channels around your property. By clearing them away you will ensure that rainwater can run freely and not cause drips or back up which can affect your property and the land surrounding it.


Staying warm is one of the greatest challenges for some. When it’s really cold you need to set your heating to the right temperature; most people find that between 18 and 21 degrees is fine for all but, the most cold conditions. Insulation is key to making sure this works well so if you are in a new build home you may find that the lower end of the spectrum is fine; however, older or draughty properties may require more heating and higher temperatures to achieve an ambient feel. It’s worth remembering that turning your heating down by just 1 degree can save up to 10% on your heating bills.


Just minor adjustments can help save energy during the most expensive time of year for heating and hot water bills.

If you’ve got a dripping tap get it fixed. Aim to keep the heat moving around your rooms so don’t dry washing on radiators as it just uses more energy and make sure your hot water tank is properly insulated - the Energy Saving Trust suggest that it should be a minimum of 80mm.


Protecting our homes is all about peace of mind though too, and the Surestop Stopcock range can give you that. Whether you are a homeowner, or manage a portfolio of properties, should the worst happen and you experience a water leak our products make turning that water off quickly so much easier.

Our i-water controller is a market leader and allows the water supply to be turned on and off at the flick of a switch and for any water leak to be detected meaning you can deal with it quickly and protect the property in question from potential costly water damage.

So, now you know what to do about protecting your home it’s time to get back to the present wrapping and partying!

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