Shopping Around For a Home Security System

Tuesday 18th Sep 2018

Home security has come a long way over the years, thanks in large part to the advances in modern technology. Historically, many people have found a security system unaffordable, but now this has changed, and with an expansive range available you can feel safe knowing you and your family are protected.

One of the most vulnerable times for your home is during the holiday season. Burglars see an opportunity to take advantage of unattended homes. Modern security systems combine many beneficial features designed to protect your home so that you don’t have to feel vulnerable anymore. 


Security System Features.

An integral feature is being able to remotely monitoring your home from any electrical device. If you own a tablet, smartphone, computer or anything that connects to the internet you have the access to monitor an unattended home twenty-four seven.

The availability of central system monitoring means you, a central office or even the emergency services can be notified should there be a problem. Thus you are thoroughly covered in case there is a break in, or something else goes wrong such as a fire.

Home security systems are equipped with advanced sensors that detect somebody entering your property. The minute someone steps onto your property and crosses a point, an alarm will go off. You can have it set to alert your smart phone if this occurs and even get a streamed video.


Holiday Home Security.

Security for a holiday home is an even bigger priority. These can go unattended for longer periods of time. Consider finding a company that offers remote monitoring. This will provide you with peace of mind and knowledge of your home being safe and protected. Most security companies offer this as a standard feature. If not, move on and look for a different company who does. 


Make Your Security Presence Known.

Display the home security sticker in a prominent place, preferably on the front window. Letting people know your home is protected and monitored deters potential criminals from entering.  


Finding the Right Security System.

If you know roughly what you are after browse online for packages, you may come across some awesome promotions and special offers. If you’re unsure that a package is right for you, read online reviews from existing customers to gain perspective on which ones do the best job. A good system can be the difference between being secure and vulnerable. Make sure you do your research


At Surestop we understand that if you don't feel secure at your home then you will never have total peace of mind, which is why we recommend our stopcock replacement to all home and business owners. After all, why take the chance with either your home security or having an internal flood because you left the water on whilst being away, or have a burst pipe when you are in and simply can’t find or get to the stopcock in time.

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