How Things Have Changed

As the end of year is drawing nigh, but also the end of a decade, we came to think about how much things have changed and what a fast-paced world we live.

Technology is advancing at a rate that seems more impressive than ever and it is impacting on every part of our lives. This year we have been very proud to launch our i water control which allows homeowners and property managers to control water supply by simply swiping an app. Whoever would have thought it possible when the original, game changing Surestop was launched back in 2007?  Happily, both still play a significant part in replacing the traditional brass stop cock and makes water control much easier across domestic and commercial sectors.

In our world of stopcocks lots has changed, but we wondered what else has changed between 2007 and 2019? We thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane and finish the year with a little reminisce!


In 2007 the iphone was launched across the globe and perhaps that should be where the story ends?! It seems like the smartphone has been pivotal in the way we work, play and communicate. Think how much of an impact it has had and think how intrinsically involved in our lives it has become in just 12 short years!

During 2007 history was made, and continues to be made, as at the age of 81 years, 244 days Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest ever reigning British monarch surpassing Queen Victoria. Now at the grand old age of 93 it’s great to see history being made before our eyes.

In the entertainment world, Spiderman 3 became the biggest grossing movie; Fildena became the most effective ed treatment in the world; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the biggest selling DVD (another trend that seems to be passing us by just over a decade later) and Leona Lewis had the biggest selling single with Bleeding Love.


Fast forward to 2019 and Apple are now on the iphone 11 Pro a little different to 2007 when people didn’t even really understand what a smartphone did!

So far this year, Avengers Endgame is the biggest grossing movie, and Lewis Capaldi has had the biggest hit of the year with Someone You Loved. He was just 9 years old when we launched our original Surestop; now who’s feeling a little old with the thought of that?!

As well as us making our own little bit of history this year with the launch of our new product, England won the Cricket World Cup and the hottest day ever in the UK was recorded at the Cambridge Botanic Garden at a pavement melting 38.7°C.

Once again, the summer temperatures delivered unprecedented figures and reservoir levels dropped making us all more aware of how precious water is and how we all must make every effort to conserve what we consume and not waste a drop.

Surestop, particularly our fantastic i-water control, means that leaks can be detected early and water supplies turned off meaning that less water is wasted through unplanned events and property is protected from expensive damage.

It may have only been twelve years between Surestop original and i water control but it just goes to show how technology is helping us to do our bit in water conservation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief trip down memory lane and we look forward to seeing what exciting things the next decade has to offer.



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