Choosing The Ideal Insurance For Your Holiday Home

At Surestop we hold your interests very close to our heart, this is after all why we invented the Surestop in the first place. We wanted our customers to be able to turn off water, fast, in the event of an emergency or easily when they went out.

However, we understand that protecting your home is not just about turning your water off. So, we like to publish articles about other topics that are important to home and business owners. And as many of our customers are holiday homebuyers, we thought one about insurance might be useful. 


Should you go with your first offer?

When investing in a holiday home, it is likely a broker, insurance company or even a notary will offer you an initial insurance package. This may seem like the perfect deal for you, but then again, the policy offer may be unsuitable if it does not cover all the specific requirements needed for your home. Make sure you check out all the details before accepting.

A good insurance agent, who specialises in the home and let property area, will help determine the best insurance for you. But, be clear on your full requirements. It is important that the agent understands the full extent of what you want covered.   


Cheap vs Expensive Insurance.

When it comes to choosing your policy don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest. Remember, cheap is not always the best. But then again, neither is an expensive policy. You need to choose one that covers all your requirements, one that offers a high level of security as well as satisfactory compensation. The holiday home insurance should also ensure that all taxes on the property are included in the premium.


Why is a flexibly policy important?

Flexibility is vital within your policy. You do not want to pay for things that you do not require. Of course, there will be certain features that will be of paramount importance to you, and so, the insurance policy should cover for legal liability for domestic staff, loss of use, as well as accidental damage to public supplies, not to mention water damage of course.


Understanding the limitation of your policy. 

As a second homeowner, it is imperative that you fully understand the limitations of your insurance policy. What are the restrictions when letting? Does it cover legal liability for domestic employees? And most importantly, what do you do in the event of a claim? If you keep these questions in mind when choosing holiday home insurance, you will get a satisfactory cover.


When making a claim.

We hope you won’t have to make a claim, but if you do, it is then that the true value of insurance is determined. You should be able to communicate with experienced staff, who assist you, and directly liaise with the loss adjusters, this being additionally important if you are insuring a home outside of the UK.  That way, if you do own a home abroad, you are spared the difficulty of discussing your claim with a foreign agent. 


It is important that you get the right insurance cover that suits your requirements for your holiday home, whether in your own country or overseas, so please don’t forget this vital area.

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