Surestop - Meeting the needs of all customers

Reduced Risk

Whether it be across a single or large housing stock, in a one-floor or multi-floor property, damage caused by water leakages can be extremely costly. Surestop provides those who are specifying product or developing homes, with a modern and effective solution which potentially could save them a lot of money - allowing for quick identification and immediate action.


Simple & Quick Installation

Surestop not only adds value to your installation but it is also quick and easy to install, in less than one hour - ideal for all trades. As Surestop Stopcocks operate on differential water pressure controlled by a lockdown switch, it also doesn’t require an electrical supply, or even batteries.


Fast & Reliable Protection

Homes are one of our most important possessions and typically our biggest investment. Whether you are a resident or landlord, Surestop Stopcocks provide peace of mind that fast and instant action can be taken at the first sign of a leak.


High Quality Product

Our Surestop Stopcock is patented and all products are 100% tested in our UK operational facility; ensuring the highest expectation of quality performance is met.


Network of UK Stockists

At Surestop we have a wide network of reliable stockists, who sell our products both in-branch and on-line. For help finding your nearest stockist, you can contact us on 0845 643 1800. Surestop endeavour to support our stockists with both training and informative material.

If you are a stockist who requires in-branch point of sale or marketing support, email


Training & Installation Support

We’ve worked closely with installers for nearly 20 years; helping them to understand how to fit Surestop products, provide training or answer any questions during installation. If you have a query or require technical assistance, please call our Customer Service team on 0845 643 1800, who would be happy to assist.