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Professional Reviews

"I thought that l would just send a brief message regarding the 15mm Surestop Remote Water Switch that l installed on Saturday.

I cannot remember where I saw the product advertised  but after a quick ‘Google’ search l ascertained that my local merchants here in Eastbourne kept them. Looking at the variations that are available, l went for the Remote.

We live in a 30's house with a cellar and this made the installation easier for me. I opted to locate the ‘switch’ in the downstairs cloakroom and threaded the pipes through the under stairs cupboard and into the cellar. Within 5 minutes the installation was complete!

As you can see, l am an Insurance Assessor (the company is a specialist division within Aviva) and the number of times l have come across claims where the damage and disruption would have been so much less if one of these switches had been installed.

I wanted to install one of the units as we were going on a 2-week cruise and although we will be leaving the central heating on, you just cannot predict what will happen in an empty house.

Since getting one of the units, l have mentioned them to a number of people.

"A Great British Invention".

Kind Regards,

Michael from Sheffield

Insurance Claims Surveyor