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Speedway Sponsorship

Surestop are proud to announce that

we will be Team Sponsors for the

Birmingham 'Surestop' Brummies Speedway team!

Director & General Manager of Surestop - Mark Vurlan (Far Left), Regional Sales Manager - Philip Moore (Far Right)

Birminghams major speedway team, who compete at Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium for their home races will now be known as "Birmingham

Surestop Brummies".

Birmingham Speedway owner, Tony Mole expressed his delight at the sponsorship deal,"We would like to thank Surestop for their support and as a club we are delighted to have a main team sponsor.

Director & General Manager of Surestop, Mark Vurlan explained the reasoning behind the sponsorship, ""I met with Joe McLaughlin, the club's commercial manager and I was impressed and excited by the opportunity. It's very opportune from our point of view with the media exposure that the sport gets both locally and nationally. There are plenty of positives that can come from this and I’m delighted we secured the sponsorship with Birmingham. We would like to wish Birmingham all the very best for the year ahead and we're really looking forward to working with them."

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