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What Tenants Need To Know About Their Rental Property

Rental property is important particularly for the owners as they have invested a lot of time and money into the project. For most owners of rental properties, their sole aim is to have tenants who are living in the homes and paying their rent on time. To make sure that their tenants have no excuse for not paying on time, It is important that the water, drainage, power and lighting systems are properly installed and run smoothly without any hitches.



Looking from the tenants perspective, it is easy to understand why everyone wants to move into a house that is well maintained, convenient and that is comfortable. However, looking at all the systems within a house, it is obvious that the two most important ones are the water and the power. Very few people can survive without electricity and water. This is particularly so because modern life means that virtually everything we use requires electricity in order to run. Water as you all know is essential for life, so a lack of water and power would make life unbearable for most of us.

Beginning with water, it is very important that landlords or the caretakers of rental properties show their tenants where the water stop cocks are located in the house. The main reason for doing this is so that the tenants will be able to manage any minor issues within the water system before it becomes a major problem by simply shutting off the water stop cocks. An example could be where there is a leak in one of the water pipes and the person living in that property needs to leave for work. Human nature being what it is, they are liable just to ignore the problem, unless that is it is easy for them to turn the water off…

If they do not turn the water off I think you can see the problems that will arise, the property is likely to be flooded by the time they return and this is not a nice prospect. However, if the water is shut off  there should be little or no damage. So, providing the tenant knows where the stopcock and it is easy to use they can simply turn the water supply off and inform the landlord of the problem so that it can be fixed quickly and without needless damage to the rest of the property.

The problems are that some stopcocks are stiff or awkward to twist so turning off the water supply may not be quite as easy as first thought. We have invented a device that is so easy a child could use it. Our Surestop is a modern device that will fit most residential pipe work and makes turning off the mains water supply very simple. It is easy to fit and does not require electricity or batteries, all you need to do is flick the switch and the water is turned off. It is the ideal solution for rental properties because it can be fitted in a convenient location where the tenants or agent can reach it easily thereby protecting the property and preventing potentially expensive damage. The Surestop does not require any maintenance and is manufactured from very high quality components so that it is both robust and discreet. It is also inexpensive to buy and could make a huge difference to your tenants in the event of a leaking pipe.

Anyone who has suffered the aftermath of a burst pipe will understand the necessity for being able to shut off the water supply. If you have been the victim of a flooding incident you will understand how important this is and if you have never been flooded, then our simple device could well save you ever having to have to cope with this terrible situation.

Of course, where the leak or burst is located and how quickly it is discovered will determine the amount of damage done, but having a Surestop installed in your rental properties could mean the difference between substantial damage and just a minor mop up. Your tenants will be very grateful if all they need to do to turn the water off is to press a switch as opposed to perhaps wrestling with a stiff or even jammed brass stopcock. With flooding, speed is essential to prevent devastating damage to both the building and personal property.

Electricity is also important as has already been mentioned. As much as this power is vital, it also has a modicum of risk. Lots of cases of residential properties catching fire have been due to faulty electrical connections or problems with the electrical appliances within the home. The main centre of an electrical system is the main shut off switch. Normally, the fuses and trip switches are also contained within this box. It is very important that new tenants are shown where this box is and how to operate the switches within it. Failing to do so could result in disaster.

Renting out property can be a lucrative business and it really is essential that they are all safe and well maintained so that both you and your tenants are protected. Investing in easy to use technology such as the Surestop will pay dividends in the long term and give you all peace of mind.

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