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Living Independently For The Elderly - Making Things Easier

We live in a society which can be rather self-centred and it is sad to see what is happening to people as they age and become less able to look after themselves. Many elderly and disabled people are being pushed aside into a variety of government funded or poor quality private facilities. A lot of the time these individuals have little or no choice in the matter because there is nobody else to take care of them and therefore they are just sent to live in whichever institution has room for them.

What makes this situation even sadder is the fact that many of these individuals have healthy grown up children who could actually help to take care of them. There are a lot of people who do not take responsibility for helping to look after their elderly or disabled parents and there are many reasons for this. Lots of families live long distances from each other, young working parents have immense pressures placed upon them or it could just be that they are estranged.  Whatever the reasons, retirees do not want to live in these institutions, they want to live in their own homes during their golden years although they may require a little bit of help to allow them to do this.

Being able to provide even a small amount of time to help your retired parents could make a huge difference to the quality of their lives. These days there are a lot of older people who are fit and healthy so they may only require a little bit of assistance with things like cleaning, gardening and shopping. A few simple home improvements could mean that they can remain in their home for a bit longer. There are many technologies and products that can help improve the lives of independent seniors. For instance,  exchanging door knobs for lever type handles will make opening doors much easier for them. Replacing the standard brass stopcock with a Surestop will make turning off the mains water supply a very simple task. A typical brass stop cock can be very difficult to operate even for a strong able-bodied person, so for an older person who perhaps suffers from arthritis, turning off the stopcock knob could prove impossible.  A Surestop will turn the water off by means of a switch, which looks like a standard light switch so is very easy to operate.

As you can imagine, a burst pipe will not only cause serious damage to their home but it could also cause a serious injury. Water can make floors very slippery and if either of them slipped and fell, it could result in a fractured hip which could then require surgery and a lengthy stay in hospital followed by a long and difficult recovery period. This type of incident can easily be remedied by replacing the water stopcock with an easy to use Surestop which is inexpensive, straightforward to fit and does not require batteries or electricity to work. It can be positioned in a place that is easy to reach, so no awkward bending or twisting to try to reach the stopcock and this in itself could prove to be invaluable. For anyone who has suffered the devastation and inconvenience of a burst water pipe in their home, being able to turn the mains water supply off quickly is vital. Now imagine that you are not quite as able to move around quickly, you have arthritis so have difficulty using your hands and you are trying to find the stopcock which is in a cupboard under the kitchen sink behind a load of stuff and perhaps even pipes making it very difficult to get to. Not a very nice prospect is it? By fitting one of our water shut off devices that can be operated by a switch on the wall will not only make it a very simple task but will bring peace of mind.

Another thing you can do to help your parents live a long independent life is to make sure they are both physically and mentally fit. Encourage them to take some form of exercise every day, even if it is just a walk to the paper shop every morning. It is also a good idea to encourage them to do a daily crossword or play mind exercising games such as Sudoku. We will all be old and frail one day but if we can help our own parents enjoy a fulfilling retirement and teach our own children to care, society will be a lot better off.