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protecting property from the risk of water damage
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Welcome to Surestop, the modern alternative to the brass stopcock – now you can turn off your mains water supply with the flick of a switch. Thousands of homes around the UK are protected with a Surestop – is yours?



Fitting a Surestop can prevent…

  • The financial cost of water damage including emergency call outs and repairs.
  • The emotional upheaval of suffering water damage.
  • Trying to use a difficult to reach and hard to turn brass stopcock.
  • Your home insurance premiums rising.  

Surestop Facts

  • Our remote water switches and stopcocks can be located in an easily accessible position such as just above the worktop or inside a kitchen cupboard door.
  • The product can be installed in under an hour and operates solely on water pressure (No batteries or electricity required!).
  • Available to fit typical household 15mm or 22mm pipework.
  • The Surestop was invented in the UK and is manufactured in Birmingham using components from UK suppliers.
  • Since 1999, hundreds of thousands have been sold.
  • The Surestop is specified by over 250 different local authorities and housing associations as well as large installation groups such as British Gas and Homeserve.
"I've now got a Surestop after a returning to a flooded home after my holiday. The peace of mind it gives is priceless!"
Andrew Smith | Dudley
"I recently bought a Surestop for my parents, they love it! Easy to use and so reliable! "
Emily Booth | Newcastle upon Tyne
"Every home should have one - such a user friendly product."
Liam Williamson | London
"What a fantastic product! Thanks to Surestop I can now truly protect my home from the risk of water damage"
Sarah Jones | Wrexham
"Surestop - Simple and effective, a must for the modern home."
Grant Sexton | Isle of Man
"Surestop is up there with the very best home protection products. I don't know what I'd do without mine now!"
Helen Cooksey | Motherwell
"My Surestop is wonderful, I have terrible arthritis in my hands and the Surestop makes it so easy to turn off my water. "
Mary Walker | West Midlands
can simply replace your exisitng stop tap
powered by water no need for electricity
Maintenance free – will never seize up
works with cold and hot water
turns off water fast - no dripping taps
on-line videos if you need help installing
We’ll help you find the right Surestop for you.
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Landlord or Specifier?

find out moreWe can help you save a small fortune on water damage claims – We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest landlords over the past 20 years.

Plumber or Installer?

find out moreOpen up new revenue streams and provide your customers with a truly unique solution to an age old problem – and get all the training you need totally free

Retailer / Wholesaler?

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Choosing The Ideal Insurance For Your Holiday Home

At Surestop we hold your interests very close to our heart, this is after all why we invented the Surestop in the first place. We wanted our customers to be able to turn off water, fast, in the event of an emergency or easily when they went out.

However, we understand that protecting your home is not just about turning your water off. So, we like to publish articles about other topics that are important to home and business owners. And as many of our customers are holiday homebuyers, we thought one about insurance might be useful. 


What Tenants Need To Know About Their Rental Property

Rental property is important particularly for the owners as they have invested a lot of time and money into the project. For most owners of rental properties, their sole aim is to have tenants who are living in the homes and paying their rent on time. To make sure that their tenants have no excuse for not paying on time, It is important that the water, drainage, power and lighting systems are properly installed and run smoothly without any hitches. 


How To Protect Your Holiday Home From Burst Pipes

A holiday home is not going to be lived in all the time. Since it will be empty for considerable periods, it is very easy for maintenance issues to creep up on the house and this can create quite a few issues for the owners when they go to the property for their next holiday. This is one reason why it is important for them to undertake regular maintenance.